Current Projects: Close To Nature: Impressions - Mono Lake

"Mono Lake lies in a lifeless, treeless, hideous desert, eight thousand feet above the level of the sea, and is guarded by mountains two thousand feet higher, whose summits are always clothed in clouds. This solemn, silent, sail-less sea--this lonely tenant of the loneliest spot on earth --is little graced with the picturesque."

- Mark Twain, 1872

On this, I couldn't disagree more with Mark Twain...

The Mono Lake Basin in the California high desert is among the most picturesque places on the planet, spiritual, inspiring, full of stark contrasts and teeming with life. Known for its outlandish tufa formations and dramatic, colorful cloudscapes, the Mono Lake Basin offers breathtaking vistas throughout the seasons. But most of all, it offers peace, serenity and inspiration to those who seek it.