Portfolios: Mindscapes - A Journey Into Liquid Darkness

First featured as part of the Ridgefield Art Walk 2016, this project evolved into my first solo show (Oct - Dec 2016) at Susi Laura's, a satellite gallery associated with the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Ridgefield, CT.

Mindscapes are the essence of Self. Always challenging, often deceptive and sometimes frightening, they reflect memories that are fluid, in motion, and inexorably evolving. They are alive, and have a rhythm of their own. Even when they seem tangibly real, they are just a selective perception of a constantly changing reality - a perception that’s colored, on any given day, by hopes, desires, and fears. Clear, bright and real one day, but receding into dark shadows the next... Nothing reflects that fluid cycle more than the interplay of light and shadow on waterscapes that are in perpetual motion.