"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."

                                 -  Loren Corey Eiseley, 1907 - 1977

Water has been one of my favorite photographic subjects for many years now. It’s a universal element on our planet, it sustains life, and, too often these days, it is all too transient. Through the lens, it offers an endless variety of colorful, translucent beauty, and there are so many ways to capture it. I love hunting for 'liquid scenes' that do not readily reveal themselves, requiring just the right convergence of light, shadow and motion to yield transient abstract patterns. When some or all of these elements come together,  waterscapes become alive with color and energy. Each of them holds a unique story of motion, flux and transition, visible only through the lens, and only once.

Please enjoy my favorite waterscapes, captured in rivers, lakes and oceans around the world.